Administrative Outsourcing

The Everest Group has a complete understanding of local requirements with regard to your project's necessities. This knowledge allows us to design and implement solid independent solutions on fundamental business functions to add value and lower cost. Our executive team can support your project by tailoring independent key services such as.

A successful relocation and support of your expats team is imperative to ensure the success of your project in Mexico.  The Everest  Group has a dedicated team to assist and work closely with your expats in order to help them enjoy their relocation in Mexico and to assimilate in a different cultural environment and lifestyle.

These services include:

  • Supplying information and plans on housing, schools and related living necessities
  • Providing orientation on local services, local procedures and practices
  • Offering cultural awareness advice and training
  • Developing agreements and programs for local medical attention and emergency response
  • Organizing general assistance in:
    • Automobile leasing
    • Telephones and communication
    • Spanish classes
    • Organization of special events
    • Trips to Mexican cities
    • And more...