Our comprehensive relocation, start-up, offshoring and shelter services are designed to unlock the full potential of our customer’s offshore strategy. Our team of experienced consultants provides objective and actionable strategies to give clients a solid foundation on which to execute operations in Mexico.

The following graphic provides a comprehensive view of our services, designed to support every stage of your relocation strategy or customized to meet your specific needs throughout the process.

The Everest Group Services Our Projects with the Clients Our project with the client Our Shelter Services simplify the implementation of operations through the use of a pre-established company in Mexico, The Everest Group Shelter Services. The Everest Group Shelter Services is a completely self-sufficient operation in terms.. The Everest Group has a complete understanding of local requirements with regard to your projects necessities. This knowledge allows us to design and implement solid independent solutions on fundamental business functions to add value and lower cost. Relocating equipment in a minimum time frame is a critical step, since our clients want a return on their investment as soon as possible. We manage the entire process from teardown to installation and ... To become an expert at manufacturing operations in Mexico requires intimate local knowledge and many years of experience. Our clients realize that there is little value in attempting to become that expert themselves. Mexico is a very diverse country and offers a vast array of location choices to any business. There are several choices our clients can make regarding sites and locations. There is the possibility of purchasing, leasing or renting in areas which are completely undeveloped, as well as fully-functional existing facilities which are suitable. Negotiating real estate in Mexico is a labor-intensive process that requires a strong local knowledge and years of experience. Our strength is based on our deep industry experience and local market expertise. We work collaboratively with our customers to design and implement customized offshore strategies to best address their needs. Early planning and study will avoid the costly mistakes that often result in permanently limiting the long-term value of an investment in Mexico. The Everest Group LRP services will handle all of the complex activities in preparing, filing and obtaining the authorizations necessary to do business in Mexico, avoiding the costly mistakes that can so often delay or derail a project. Mexican federal and state governments place a high value on strategic investments. This value can be harnessed in the form of investment incentives. Successful offshoring to Mexico is best achieved when it is included in the overall strategy of the company. Our senior staff provides high-level counseling and support to boards and senior management in weighing complex relocation decisions.