Our Shelter Services simplify the implementation of operations through the use of a pre-established company in Mexico, The Everest Group Shelter Services. The Everest Group Shelter Services is a completely self-sufficient operation in terms of labor, administrative support and facilities management in order to support immediate implementation of operations. This eliminates a major burden on you – our valued client – allowing you to focus on your product.

The Everest Group Shelter Services gives you the freedom to run your operations while the administrative burden is handled by  The Everest Group. You benefit from our expertise on Mexico-related matters while you focus on core activities.

Each department contributes its expertise in a seamless operation, quickly achieving the expected efficiency in terms of scope, quality and cost.

Since The Everest Group does not own industrial parks or facilities, you have the complete freedom to select from the best real estate options available on the market. Under the shelter agreement,  The Everest Group will contract the facility on your behalf. This approach allows you to benefit from a highly competitive facility cost.

While this graphic outlines the entire shelter operational structure, our goal is to help you understand how The Everest Group can play a role, on or offsite, as an extension of your administrative staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Shelter Operational Structure