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In Calderon's six-year term speculative investment grew

Although these five years entered the historic figure of 167 billion dollars, there was a significant restructuring over the presidency of Vicente Fox: Banxico.

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Mexico Takes Action to Keep Criminals Out of Elections

MEXICO CITY – A security agreement to keep drug traffickers and other organized crime groups from interfering with Mexico’s July 1 general elections has been signed by President Felipe Calderon and the state governors.

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Mexico faces testing times in 2012

Last month, the Mexican President Felipe Calderon felt compelled to share some comments by Nouriel Roubini, Professor of International Economics at the Stern School at NYU.

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Mexico's Presidential Election and the Cartel War

Mexico will hold its presidential election July 1 against the backdrop of a protracted war against criminal cartels in the country. Former President Vicente Fox of the National Action Party (PAN) launched that struggle; his successor, Felipe Calderon, also of the PAN, greatly expanded it.

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Mexico's PRI Names Presidential Candidate

The party that controlled Mexico for the majority of the 20th century officially nominated on Saturday the candidate it hopes can take back the presidency after 12 years out of power.

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Mexico Extends Tax Breaks For Export Manufacturers For 2 Years

MEXICO CITY -Mexican President Felipe Calderon extended for two years tax breaks for the export manufacturing industry, in a decree aimed at encouraging investment and employment in the sector.

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