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2012 will be anything but boring for the Americas

Every year brings about changes, but 2012 is likely to be an especially eventful one in the Americas: there will be elections in the United States, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as other news events that could change the political map in the region.

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Mexico will be among the leaders of the world economy: FP

Mexico is in the new block promise TIMBI, which stands for Turkey, India, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia, Mexico is part of a block in the future will be a leader in the global economy, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

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Mexico and Honduras, with poverty rising

While in most countries of Latin America the extreme poverty levels fell to historic levels, Mexico and Honduras were the only countries with significant increases revealed the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA).

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JETRO Releases the Results of 12th Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Firms in Latin America

Tokyo- On November 9, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) released the results of its latest survey on the business operations of Japanese firms (both manufacturers and non-manufacturers) in seven countries in Latin America: Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

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TWC Chairman Tom Pauken: onerous U.S. corporate tax system exporting American jobs overseas

Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken said Thursday (Sept. 29) that America has seen zero private-sector job growth over the last decade due to the national corporate tax structure.

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México reduce brecha tecnológica aeroespacial Vs. Canadá

MÉXICO, 19 de agosto, 2011.- Según la consultora The Everest Group, creadora de la primera escuela pública aeroespacial en el país, informa que ante sus programas educativos con especialistas de Estados Unidos y Canadá que son la base de dos universidades en la materia en Querétaro y Zacatecas, hoy México ha reducido la brecha tecnológica que hay con otros países en los cuales requirieron de al menos dos décadas para estar en a la vanguardia en la materia.

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