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Mexico seeks to reassure Mazda

Bruno Ferrari traveled to Japan to reaffirm the intention of saving the auto pact with Brazil, the economy minister was confident of convincing Brasilia to keep the agreement.

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Mazda to raise €1.6bn for investment

Japan's Mazda Motor Group plans to raise €1.6 billion to shore up its finances and invest in a new plant in Mexico, financial sources said today - a bigger-than-expected fund raising that sent its shares tumbling 13 per cent.

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Five manufacturing investment in 2011

MEXICO CITY- Some, like Mazda and Honda, allocated investments to open new plants. Others will use it to expand its facilities in Mexico, like DuPont. The fact is that in 2011, the manufacturers did not stop investing in the country.

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Mexico in the sights of automotive corporations

Mexico.- Despite the auto industry in this country has not recovered at all, within the projects in the medium and long term, Mexico is still in the sight of the big automotive corporations, and so is evidenced by the recent investments announced by Honda and Mazda to build new factories.

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Mazda making a big impact in United States and Mexico

Big things are happening for Mazda in North America, where car sales are booming in the United States and the Mexico arm of the Japanese car company has a new boss on the heels of reporting its best sales month ever.

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Asian Manufacturer will invest 800 million dollars

The plant announced this year in Mexico, will invest about 800 million dollars. The start date of 2012 remains to be defined due to uncertainty in world economy.

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