Will Mexico and Asia have a foundation for greater things?

Hong kong. Trade relations between Asia Pacific and Mexico give a good balance in 2011. Seem to defy the international economic slump with an increase in economic activity between the two, mainly from Asia to Mexico.

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Mexico leads the LA luxury consumption

In the United States and Europe the market is stagnating due to anxiety about the crisis; in Mexico, 5% of the population buys more than half of these items that Latin America consumes.

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Mexico's second partner

The relationship between Mexico and China continues to grow as the Asian country is Mexico's second largest trading partner globally, second and seventh as a supplier and buyer.

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Mexican industrial output falls in October

MEXICO CITY: Mexican industrial output fell more than expected in October as construction and manufacturing faltered amid weak activity in the United States, the destination for most of Mexico's exports.

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Industry urged to ‘speak the language of business’ through economic studies to prove value

More countries need to undertake economic significance studies to prove the value of meetings on national economies, said a panel of industry experts at EIBTM in Barcelona this week.

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Mexico expansion signalled

Medical technology maker Fisher & Paykel Healthcare plans to reduce its exposure to the volatile United States dollar through boosting manufacturing in Mexico and direct-selling its product overseas.

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