Mexico moves to facilitate food exports to Europe

MEXICO CITY -- Mexico's Senate is mulling modified protocols that would facilitate exports of Mexican agricultural products to the European Free Trade Association, or EFTA.

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Mexican Consumer Electronics Industry Second Largest Supplier of Electronics to the U.S. Market

Mexico is quickly becoming a world leader in the consumer electronics industry. Currently, the country is the second largest supplier of electronic products to the U.S. market.

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Mexico: a new market for the Spanish energy sector

Valencia and Galicia have agreed to disclose its energy companies in the Mexican market. The cooperation of regional administrations in the internationalization of our country's energy sector has become essential to open new business opportunities.

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One Company’s North American Near-Shore Supply Chain

I recently had a conversation with the Director of Logistics at a US-headquartered industrial manufacturing company that has several plants in Mexico, the US, and Canada. He had several interesting things to say about his company’s regional supply chain.

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Dominican seeks to expand ties with Mexico

Dominican Republic's embassy in Mexico expect to sign a Mutual Security Agreement of bilateral investment at the end of 2011 to increase trade and business in both countries.

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Mexico opens market to China (US 3, 469 million)

On December 12 Mexico will open a portion of the Mexican market with a value of 3.469 million dollars to the Chinese exporters, on terms that will be partners for the first time since 2001, compared to those accorded to any other country .

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