In Calderon's six-year term speculative investment grew

Although these five years entered the historic figure of 167 billion dollars, there was a significant restructuring over the presidency of Vicente Fox: Banxico.

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Mexico Investment Summit 2012

“The Everest Group will be at the Mexico Investment Summit in Mexico City next week 31 Jan-2 Feb, contact us to set up a meeting while at the show.”

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Mexico’s election in 2012 most decisive in history

Carlos Fuentes, the Mexican writer and statesman, recently told the Globe’s editorial board that Mexico’s 2012 elections will be the most decisive in its history. The next president will have to confront the brutality of the drug cartels, and find a way to restore the public’s faith in security, and in the nation’s ability to transform itself.

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Present easy border crossing plan

MEXICO CITY - To generate tools to facilitate the crossing of goods across borders and foster economic well-being, the Federal Government has launched the New Scheme Certified Companies (NEEC).

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Mexico’s presidential candidates

A BIG difference between Mexico’s presidential election next year and the previous one, in 2006, will be the role of the internet. Access has only recently become mainstream: about a fifth of Mexican homes had an internet connection last year according to the census, which is probably well out of date already.

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Mexico's Calderon says drug gangs threatening democracy

Mr Calderon said attempts by drug gangs to manipulate elections was a "new and worrying fact". Speaking as his sixth and final year in office began, Mr Calderon also defended his decision to use troops to tackle the cartels.

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