Manufacturing in Mexico


5 industries that grow ... Without mexicans

Phones, saving bulbs, industrial machinery and pay TV are some of them. Represent various business opportunities that escape from the national manufacturing.

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The five most commonly used inputs

The automotive, aerospace, food and beverage boost other industries. Aluminum, steel, and sugar are some components that are key in the chain of these branches.

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Low generation of employment in manufacturing sector

Monterrey, NL .- During November this year, the creation of jobs within the manufacturing sector of Nuevo Leon managed to remain constant, then closed with a slight decrease of 94 employees, over the same period of 2010.

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Maysteel metal arrives to Mexico

MEXICO CITY - The U.S. company that manufactures metal stampings Maysteel, will begin its operations in Mexico with the opening of a new plant in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in March.

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Mexico City Closes World's Largest Trash Dump

Mexico City – Authorities in the Mexican capital said Monday that concerns about pollution of the air and nearby underground aquifers led them to close a municipal trash dump described as the largest in the world.

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China wipes out textiles competition

Textiles, clothing and footwear are those who suffer with the entry of Chinese products. Between 2000 and 2011, 400 000 jobs were lost in the textile factories.

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