Nearshoring Fuels Mexican Manufacturing Growth

Security concerns don't yet appear to be putting a major dent in Mexico's appeal to manufacturers. Here's why. Closer, cheaper, friendlier. That might have been the formula underlying moving to or opening manufacturing operations in Mexico.

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Brazil vs Mexico: Battle of giants

The two countries’ mutual histories are stories of relative success and recurrent disappointments. Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America; Mexico has the second-largest. Brazil is fashionable now; Mexico isn’t.

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Mexico Investment Summit 2012

“The Everest Group will be at the Mexico Investment Summit in Mexico City next week 31 Jan-2 Feb, contact us to set up a meeting while at the show.”

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2011 IW Best Plants Winners: The Best Never Rest

Each year, North American manufacturing facilities are pressured anew. They are pressured to do more with less; to provide better service, faster; to rein in costs but increase quality -- and to do it in the face of increasing competition and less-certain economic conditions.

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Identifying the Total Cost of Outsourcing

Gerry Fay, Chief Global Logistics & Operations Officer, Avnet: If all electronics OEMs had the same supply chain needs, my job would be fairly simple: Map out a standard process and take a nice long lunch. But, there is no "one-size-fits-all" strategy for managing the global electronics supply chain.

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Near-shoring: Trouble for air cargo?

Historically, inexpensive fuel, lenient trade agreements and cheap labor drove globalization and allowed companies to seek cost-effective production throughout the world. But with fuel costs expected to remain high indefinitely and labor costs in third-world countries increasing, companies are now recalculating the benefits of global outsourcing.

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