Cheap U.S. dollar giving Mexico production a lift

The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low -- and the dollar cheap -- which helps U.S. manufacturing. But the big winner could be Mexico.

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Rebound in Mexican factories could mean jobs in San Diego

As the cost of Chinese goods rise and trade friction mounts between Washington and Beijing, one of the beneficiaries appears to be Mexico, which could have a spillover effect on the San Diego economy.

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NearShoring Strategy Will Boost U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

The phenomenon of NearShoring – the relocation of manufacturing production to countries that provide less expensive production processes and are closer to the end consumer – offers the potential for a mass return of jobs from China to the North American market and will get under way sooner rather than later, says a manufacturing sector economist.

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Mexico means opportunity

A High Altitude Economy

Mexico has gained an important position as a leading innovation and manufacturing center in the aerospace industry. It is the country with the largest investment in aerospace manufacturing and is ranked sixth in aerospace research and development investment.

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New BorgWarner turbocharger production facility in Mexico

BorgWarner, the US based automotive component and systems supplier, is opening a new facility in Ramos, Mexico, for the production of turbochargers. The company plans to employ more than 185 people at the plant, located near the city of Monterrey.

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Letters From the Booming Markets of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey

With many of the old-world economies in various states of turmoil, it's no wonder that marketers and investors are looking for the next big thing. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) certainly haven't lost their economic luster, but the spotlight is increasingly turning to the MIST markets of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey.

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