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After Mexico, India second largest source of migrants: Report

WASHINGTON: India is the second largest source of global migrants after Mexico and is the ninth top destination for all migrants, a new report said today.

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Mexico’s war on drugs: can you expect the military to function as police?

A side-effect of the war on drugs launched by President Calderon was to involve the army in carrying out police operations against gangs.

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Europe urges Mexico to ratify the Convention on Cybercrime

The country is an observer of the European Council since 1999 and five years ago was invited to become a state party to the Convention, which have already ratified 32 of the 47 member nations.

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Positive balance of Mexico against drug trafficking: UNODC

In Mexico's fight against drug trafficking and organizations engaged in such activity, the balance is positive, consider Antonio Mazzitelli, the representative for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Office against drugs and Crime (UNODC).

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violence stops German investment in Nuevo Leon

Security in the state has become a strategic factor for the decision of entrepreneurs in Germany looking to invest in the state, said this afternoon Ambassador Edmund Duckwitz.

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On the issue of drugs, Go for legalization or against the war?

International experts and political figures presented their ideas on the global strategy against illegal addictive substances.

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