India, Mexico Continue to Strengthen Trade and Investment Ties

Blessed with a shared commitment to democracy, similar geography and climate, and large, thriving domestic markets, India and Mexico have continued to deepen their partnership in the global economy.

New investment flows in high-technology, agro-chemicals, and crude oil have solidified the bridge that these two “emerging” nations have been building for the past fifty years.

On May 21, 2007, India and Mexico signed a ten-year bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement (BIPPA) to promote the flow of trade and investment between the countries and to permit the free repatriation of funds by investors. Since then, bilateral trade between the regions has grown rapidly. In 2010, trade between the regions touched $2.8 billion, and is currently growing at a rate of 40% annually. Investment between the regions will likely surpass $10 billion by 2015. Yet, there is still room for further growth.

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