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Mexico: Splits rattle ruling PAN party before election

MEXICO CITY — The unity that helped Mexico’s ruling conservatives end seven decades of one-party rule is cracking under the weight of infighting, scandal and defections that threaten their hopes of retaining the presidency in July.

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Mexico Presidential Candidates Play it Safe with Security Plans

As Mexico's presidential elections approach, the candidates have been reticient about their security policies. Only one, the leftist Lopez Obrador, seems poised to break dramatically with President Felipe Calderon's approach.

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Mexico's Presidential Election and the Cartel War

Mexico will hold its presidential election July 1 against the backdrop of a protracted war against criminal cartels in the country. Former President Vicente Fox of the National Action Party (PAN) launched that struggle; his successor, Felipe Calderon, also of the PAN, greatly expanded it.

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Mexico's PRI Names Presidential Candidate

The party that controlled Mexico for the majority of the 20th century officially nominated on Saturday the candidate it hopes can take back the presidency after 12 years out of power.

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A flash in the PAN

TWO of Latin America’s three biggest economies, Brazil and Argentina, are headed by women (see article and article). Might Mexico make it a clean feminist sweep next year? The ruling National Action Party (PAN) has been struggling to find a popular candidate for the presidential election in 2012 (the constitution bars the president, Felipe Calderón, from seeking a second term). The opposition has mocked the PAN’s hopefuls as the “seven dwarves”. The American ambassador privately described them as “grey”.

(He was withdrawn soon after the offending cable was leaked.) But polls suggest that Josefina Vázquez Mota, the PAN’s leader in the Chamber of Deputies, is emerging as a possible technicolour candidate.

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