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Mexico: Splits rattle ruling PAN party before election

MEXICO CITY — The unity that helped Mexico’s ruling conservatives end seven decades of one-party rule is cracking under the weight of infighting, scandal and defections that threaten their hopes of retaining the presidency in July.

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Mexico’s election in 2012 most decisive in history

Carlos Fuentes, the Mexican writer and statesman, recently told the Globe’s editorial board that Mexico’s 2012 elections will be the most decisive in its history. The next president will have to confront the brutality of the drug cartels, and find a way to restore the public’s faith in security, and in the nation’s ability to transform itself.

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Mexico’s presidential candidates

A BIG difference between Mexico’s presidential election next year and the previous one, in 2006, will be the role of the internet. Access has only recently become mainstream: about a fifth of Mexican homes had an internet connection last year according to the census, which is probably well out of date already.

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