For the past 25 years, Mr. Gallant has worked as a foreign industrial investment consultant directly participating in the start up of over 90 companies in Mexico, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, ITW, Caterpillar, GE, Bombardier, Triumph Group, TOTAL and Toyota, as well as government projects throughout Mexico.

These companies are of various industrial types including government industrial promotion programs, chemical, medical, electronic, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronic, electric, metal machining, glass, light assembly, and service providers such as McLaren Hart Environmental Engineering, Carlton Bates and Grainger. He has also worked as plant manager of three operations in Mexico as an international contract manufacturing service provider.

Mr. Gallant gained his prior experience by holding primary responsibilities in transnational companies such as Ford Glass Division Mexico, Aladdin, and Mattel for 6 years – his primary function being international logistics, customs, and materials control. During his tenure in these positions, Mr. Gallant obtained essential knowledge of the temporary import programs in Mexico and their implicit administrative particularities, plant start-ups and general management skills.

Since then, Mr. Gallant has participated in the areas of international commerce, environmental health & safety, business management, human resources, as well as plant start-ups and manufacturing – constantly broadening his curricula with post-grad courses in these areas to compliment his international business degree.

Mr. Gallant has participated as chairman of various committees of the Monterrey and national maquiladora associations and also held a seat as chair member of the Coahuila chamber of industry. He is currently an advisor of the federal congress with respect to job creation in the country. He has published various papers on legal compliance issues in Mexico, a book on temporary import regimes in Mexico and a legal compendium of respective legislation, as well as another book titled “Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Operating A Business In Mexico”. He is currently working on two other books related to business and cultural particularities of Mexico.

He was awarded key to the city of Longview TX In 1996 for his participation in a NAFTA seminar for the industrial leaders of North Eastern Texas. Mr. Gallant has a B.A. in International Business from the ICIAC Institute of Monterrey and has completed post-graduate courses at the ITESM and UANL. He has worked and lived in many areas within Mexico and is fluent in English and Spanish.