Mrs. Zambrano has been a valuable member of senior management with The Everest Group for 12 years, participating in numerous startups of international companies in Mexico. Prior to joining The Everest Group, Mrs. Zambrano was Strategic Planner for the Pepsi Company in Mexico. She brings a sound background in strategic planning, business management and manufacturing operations to the team.

Mrs. Zambrano has been instrumental in multiple startup operations for Stanley Works, Thermadyne Corporation, Precision Resource, Molex, Spartech, Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Gillette. Working with these companies has armed her with extensive experience in macro- and micro- site searches and due diligence analysis covering licensing and registration requirements, international corporate legal issues, environmental, customs, health and safety compliance, immigration and equipment relocation.

More recently, Mrs. Zambrano accomplished the benchmark installation of Bombardier Aerospace in Queretaro. As project manager for Everest's Administration Outsourcing Services at the Bombardier facility, she was responsible for human resources, accounting, union relations, import / export / traffic, environmental / health / safety, MRO purchasing and expatriate care services in this groundbreaking aerospace investment.

Today, Mrs. Zambrano holds the position of Vice President of Operations, where she oversees a number of project teams, providing startup consulting services and administrative outsourcing services. These two services are the pillars of Everest’s reputation as the largest and most comprehensive turnkey startup service provider in Mexico.

Mrs. Zambrano holds a B.A. in Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing from the prestigious Technical University of Monterrey, Monterrey Campus. She has also completed post-grad courses in project management and is a frequent speaker at business and industrial seminars and conferences.